How We Use 360 Personalized Video Advertising 

The Future Of Video Is Here

We understand that the right set of digital marketing activities are key to an effective Marketing campaign.   Depending on the business objectives, we help brands to finalize their digital road map for Success in there digital video marketing campaigns.   We optimize  digital asset of a brand in order to align them with their marketing strategy and give best returns on both short and long term.  KLASS Marketing Software is a digital marketing company in Swindon Wiltshire.  We use state of the art video marketing software and our services includes SEO (search engine optimization), social media marketing, online marketing and content marketing.



These days, social media and email are both essential outlets for marketers. Email marketing is best for highly targeted video advertising, whereas social media is a vital platform for current clients to share and refer friends or acquaintances to your company.  One source claims that using videos for email marketing can increase sharing and forwarding by 50%, while another says that personalized emails deliver six times higher transaction rates, even though 70% of brands fail to use them. Many similar studies and stats exist, all with slightly different numbers, but the point remains the same: With stats like these, it seems like an obvious choice to use personalization whenever possible.


With personalization, the difference between basic ad targeting is that you’re creating hundreds or thousands of unique ads, specific to each customer, with their name or image. And video has been shown over and over again to increase engagement and interest among consumers, to the combination is game-changing.

Under Standing 360 Video Advertising

If you’re hearing this for the first time, note that 360 videos are the type where you can view in complete spherical 360 view almost everything around you, from left to right, back to the front, and above and below.  Some people simply refer to them as all angle videos.  Facebook and Google stand out as the first tech giants who made 360 videos part of their platform before other platforms like Vimeo followed suit.  


360 video advertising is a mainstream use of these videos in which brands put viewers inside an experience with the aim of encouraging them to interact with the content and probably take a particular action there after. What sets these type of videos apart is that the viewer usually feels as though they are right inside the video.  It even scores high on the interactive part as the viewer can just drag their finger or a pointer across the device’s screen to adjust movement.



But more important than anything else is the engagement levels of these videos. Proof of this, as you will see later, is in the high share ability rate, better click-through rate, and ability to be watched for longer. On these three, 360 videos score relatively high. Every savvy marketer can admit that earning an audience’s attention today calls for creative and competitive techniques in which the user is sure to gain value and surrender their loyalty or respect in return.  With a 360 video, users have the freedom to explore what surrounds them and this can foster a deeper connection between them and your brand.



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