GrooveCar announces video marketing and engagement strategies webinar – (press release)

GrooveCar announces video commerce and involvement strategies press release) HAUPPAUGE, NY( February 15, 2018) a GrooveCar, the online auto buying resource for credit union announces its next webinar serial concentrate on video market and engagement strategies called Fortifying Auto Loan Growth with Video Marketing. Ascribe … and more >>

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Freshen Up Your Home Screens FREE


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So How Do You Make Your Business Stand Out?

It can feel pretty overwhelming and even a bit discouraging to try to get your marketing efforts to work for you in such a saturated market.

That’s where video marketing can come in.  In a recent study, over 70% of marketers claimed that video performs better than other content for producing conversions. By using video in your marketing strategy, you can help your small business grow by leaps and bounds. Video marketing can help you differentiate your brand and your business.



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Viral Video Marketing – How To Do Viral Marketing

Viral video marketing – is it an ineffective video marketing strategy for your small or local business?  It can be and I’ll show you how.  If you try creating the next viral video going to get 10 million views, you could be sitting there pulling your hair out.


Okay, so how do you get your videos to spread viral.  Easy, just get the cutest dog that you can possibly find and show them in the middle of your video.  Isn’t she cute?  Oh, my gosh, she is so cute.  This video is going to spread viral.  There you have it.  It’s that easy.  Just get the cutest dog you can find and put him in your video.


That’s it.  Just kidding. Okay, so here’s really what you need to do.

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Video Marketing Local SEO

SEO Video Marketing & Lead Generation

Own a Local Business?  Then you need Local Customers! is the solution.

Your business MUST show up for the local keyword searches in your area.   Our experts make this happen by optimizing the entire website.Local Customers will find you on the map, on Google+ and by watching your YouTube channel videos. We create custom videos for you by promoting your business, brand and special offers.  These videos can then be seen on any device.  Unleash the power of  Video Marketing SEO.  Get ahead of your competition now and take advantage of the biggest media shift since TV and Local Radio.


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SEO On Page Optimization AMP

The New SEO (Updated For Google Hummingbird)

G’day and welcome to today’s episode of Rapid SEO Expert live. I’m your host Shane Walker and in today’s episode we’re going to go through how to correctly optimize a web page for the new rules of SEO and this training like everything else we’re involved with at Rapid SEO Expert is designed to get you found online and then use advanced marketing automation to turbocharge your sales and keep your customers coming back for more. Continue reading “SEO On Page Optimization AMP”

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