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You know what National Geographic is all about. They use the power of imagery to show you a place or a culture you might have ever known about. In this case, they’ve decided to use 360 video to place you alongside some lions. Aren’t they adorable?
That’s why ToutApp, an email management and analytics platform, uses video to introduce themselves to prospects and start the conversations. Their reps have a lot of charisma, and it can be really difficult to convey that in just an email or a phone call.
To watch 360 video you will need the latest version of Chrome, Opera, Firefox or Internet Explorer on your computer. On mobile – you will need to open the video in the latest version of the YouTube app for Android or iOS.
If heights are really not your thing, then look away now. This queasy-making video takes you hundreds of miles above the ground in a hot air balloon with an intrepid group of rope-swinging adrenaline junkies. Don’t. Look. Down.
At the same time, the amount of video content out there is overwhelming, which poses a challenge. There’s always another video to watch. Our attention spans are shorter than ever—even shorter than that of a goldfish. (Does that Microsoft stat sound familiar? You have definitely heard it at a marketing conference, but probably forgot, due to your short attention span.)
Support for 4K video source content has become pretty standard in video editing software, but the support varies among the products. For example, some but not all of the applications can import Sony XAVC and XAVC-S formats, which are used by Sony’s popular DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, camcorders, and professional video cameras. The same holds true for the relatively new H.265 High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) standard.
We still live in the days of talkies, so you want to be able to edit the audio in your digital moves as well as the images. Most of the products included here offer canned background music, and many, such as Pinnacle Studio, can even tailor the soundtrack to the exact length of your movie. All of these programs can separate audio and video tracks, and most can clean up background noise and add environmental audio effects such as concert hall reverb. A couple of the products have recently added an auto-ducking feature, which lowers background music during dialog—a definite pro-level plus.
First, you need Switch Merge, which is a video personalization platform. Switch Merge integrates with your marketing automation software or CRM to feed data into video creation processes. Next, pick an existing video to personalize, or start from scratch. The software allows you to insert “personalization tokens” in strategic spots throughout the video. These tokens link with stored data, such as name, job title, city, or company. 
There is still much to learn about how to produce good 360/VR content in a broadcast-related context, for example how to make best use of existing assets and opportunities for additional location shooting that can be done relatively cheaply as a part of existing TV shooting. We are learning more about what experiences work best in this new medium and how to create them, but we are a long way from a well-established commissioning process or production grammar. Delivery methods and consumer hardware are still evolving rapidly, and more work is needed to get a solid understanding of how to create a good user experience, and even to understand what the long-term audience benefits are. Watch this space for further developments!
All the other tools you would expect from consumer-level video editing software are present and work excellently. You can add titles, closed captions and other text to your video project with a few simple clicks. You also get a video stabilizer that smooths out shaky video, as well as a library of over 500 effects and transitions for you to choose from.
In fact, we’ve seen staggering increases in conversion metrics using personalization in Vidyard’s own demand generation campaigns. Compared to campaigns that used generic video thumbnails and non-personalized content, our personalized video campaigns resulted in a whopping 16x increase in click-to-open ratio. Here are a few examples of our personalized splash screens:
Keep in mind that Adobe Premiere Pro is geared towards professionals, as the name suggests. If you’re looking for a high-quality video editing software program but you’re not an editing expert you might want to check out Adobe Premiere Elements. This is a less-sophisticated cousin of Premiere Pro, featuring an easier to use user-interface. Basic editing tools are situated within the Effects Control palette, so they are easy to locate. Though, beyond this the program does offer a variety of more high-tech editing options.
Think about the last truly meaningful conversation you had. What was it about? Maybe it was with a friend, a family member, or maybe even a colleague.  Chances are, the person you were talking with knew your name, knew something about you that allowed them to connect with you on a personal level and made you feel valued as an individual. Now compare that to any one of the many transactional conversations you have every day; they are impersonal, lack depth and have no substance. Can you remember the details of one of those? Didn’t think so.
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Our editor allows you to apply audio effects and filters to audio tracks in video and audio files. Here are some of the most popular ones: sound normalization, volume correction, echo, reverberation, equalizer and others.

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