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Editing of video and audio files has become more flexible and convenient. Removal and recovery of removed areas became possible not just with the help of an assistant, but also on the main timeline, which speeds up the editing process.
This editing software offers three main ways to create your video projects. You can use the Full Feature Editor, which is the familiar timeline, or storyboard, layout used by industry professionals since time immemorial. But in case you’re not ready to jump into that quite yet, there’s also a simplified editor that automatically creates a video for you in just minutes. Additionally, you can use the Express Project module that allows you to fill in preprogrammed templates with your own content, which teaches you how to use the Full Feature Editor to its fullest potential.
Although it was discontinued at the start of 2017, you can still download it through non-Microsoft websites. See our review of Windows Movie Maker for more information on what you can do with it. More »
It was the second trip of AirPano to Venezuela, but this fact didn’t make it easier. Earlier we have published virtual tour of Canaima Lagoon. And now we present series of flights above the lagoon in 360° format…
Video editors like Pinnacle Studio Ultimate offer 360 video editing that allow you to take your 360 footage to the next level. Simply add your 360 video to the timeline and trim or enhance the colors in your video as you would to a standard video. By right clicking on your footage in Pinnacle Studio you can access additional 360 controls, like adding 360 responsive titles, or converting fisheye to equirectangular formats.
Another great advanced tool found in PowerDirector 16 Ultra is the multi-cam module. This allows you to import footage of an event taken from multiple sources, sync them up and then switch between angles easily. The result is a seamless single video that has the look and feel of a professionally produced piece. This is especially useful for events that have been recorded on several smartphones.
Mount Elbrus, the highest peak of Russia, is located north of the Caucasus Mountain Range, on the border of Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkessia of Russia. The twin-peak mountain (5,642-meter and 5,621-meter summits) can also be considered the highest peak in Europe…
Even though 360-degree video is in its infancy, PowerDirector is taking the driver’s seat in this innovative technology. Its 360-degree footage tools allow you to set anchor points, pan and zoom through your footage, add effects, and stabilize shaky recordings. The program even has dedicated 360-degree titles that match your footage perfectly, rather than trying to warp a regular title to fit. And with the view designer, you can convert 360-degree videos to work with conventional projects.
Bottom Line: Pinnacle Studio is a fast, full-featured, near-professional-level video-editing application with support for 360-degree VR, 3D, and multicam. It’s a pleasure to use, though its most advanced…
This personalized video welcomes a new Multi Service Operator (MSO) customer, and details the company’s services and signup processes based on the customer’s actual subscription type and signup date. These…
The best video editing applications are simple to use and offer robust video tool sets. As you search for the right software for your projects, think about the basic and advanced tools each program offers, its export and production options, and the help and support the company provides.
By coupling video and personalization, you build one-on-one relationships with your audience that make them feel good about themselves – and by extension your product or idea – ultimately creating a highly memorable experience with your brand.
Add something new to your relationship – our technology drives exceptional results: 15x higher ROI than any other digital marketing communication channel. So start communicating with customers in the most personal, effective, and memorable way. Turn video, sound and data into engaging, dynamic and personal experiences. For capturing and holding attention, nothing surpasses video.
We have investigated key bits of the production chain and various filming techniques so that we understand the limitations: this makes us an informed customer when dealing with external production companies, and allows us to provide advice to the wider BBC. It should be noted that 360/VR production is still fraught with technical problems, and based on our experience and general technical knowledge we have been called upon to provide advice to external production companies concerning various BBC commissions – no one is truly an expert in this area yet!
Personalised videos are delivered to your customers as per your or their preference – via email, to mobile phones (via SMS, MMS or mobile application) or to any web destination. You will use your own existing system to do this – so you retain control at all times. We can of course, advise you of our best practice recommendations to optimise open rates for your preferred distribution channel.
Over in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, near the Caroline Islands, there is Truk Lagoon. It’s said to be the largest ship cemetery in the world, and now you can fully explore it in this 360 video from AirPano. This one is for you ruinporn obsessives.
As a company that has already received numerous accolades for our levels of customer service, we’re always looking at new ways to engage our customers and embracing new technologies to drive a greater service experience is a key part of this. We were hugely impressed with EngageOne Video. It will help us take customer engagement to a new level.
Edit, mix and mash videos, audio and images. Quickly import media including YouTube or Vimeo videos, record audio via Clyp.it and mix, mash, combine and edit media. Cut videos, trim them and insert voiceovers, all in the cloud with no software to download.
Events: Personally invite a customer or lead to your booth using a personalized video. Nothing could be more engaging! You can even thank them for coming with a personalized video. We used this strategy for our Space Camp (the Video Marketing Summit) invitation, as well as our campaign to bring people to our booth at the Dreamforce event. It worked so well that people came to our booth just to ask us how we did it! (View the examples directly in the webinar.)
Get the big picture? Video and personalization make a power couple. And with 73% of marketers planning to increase their video usage on social media (2016 Social Media Marketing Industry Report) — saturation is about to become a serious issue for video marketers. How can video marketers overcome saturation? Personalized video! 
Want an easy-to-use and feature rich editing tool for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10? You’d better get a commercial video editing application. Wondershare Filmora is such a great video editor for Windows that helps you edit all regular video formats to share with the people worldwide.
“Those viewing SundaySky videos increased savings contributions 550 percent more than those who did not. Additionally, 97 percent of customers reported that the videos were useful to them, and 92 percent said they positively affected their opinion of us.”
This is not the first time that we have looked at how immersive and interactive video and audio systems and real-time 3D graphics can be used to enhance our audience’s experience. Previous examples include:
If you select the “Keepsake Santa Video” or the “Unlimited Santa Video” products, you will be able to view and share your child’s video unlimited online until 12/25/2017. (If you order after 12/25 you will be able to view it up to 48 hours from when you personalize it)
VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVD, Audio CD, VCD, and various streaming protocols. Features includes simple, fast…
Like Adobe Premier Elements, iMovie is technically a consumer-level editing program, so it isn’t as high tech as some of the other software programs on our list. However, an easy to use time-line interface combined with a range of professional editing tools make it well worth a mention. It is one of the easiest to use movie-editing programs out there.
Apple’s iMovie, which competes only with cross-platform free apps and Adobe Elements, is the obvious choice for the best Mac video editing software, thanks to its outstanding output, themes and trailers, macOS integration, and features that encourage good moviemaking skills. For the best free software, HitFilm 4 Express gets the nod for its abundant cinematic capabilities and stylish interface. If you often share your videos on YouTube and other social media platforms, the free, cross-platform VideoPad is your best option.
Today, we’re excited to announce a new way to go live on Facebook: Live 360. Live video on Facebook gives people an immediate, authentic window into what’s happening in the world right now; 360 video immerses viewers fully into the scene, letting them explore on their own and experience a new environment. We’re excited to combine these two formats with Live 360 video. Live 360 transports people into new experiences—right as they happen.
This warm, fuzzy feeling is why personalized marketing is so effective. And now, it’s not just being applied to text-based content. Video is getting in on the action, too! We’re talking about two of the most effective marketing tools pairing up!
However, if you want to able to add more interesting effects and transitions to your videos, you might want to check out commercial video editing software. These programs provide very intuitive user interfaces to complete basic editing tasks, but are also complex enough to let you experiment with advanced video effects.
While some marketers assume that personalized video only is appropriate for use with existing customers, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Personalized gives organizations the opportunity to connect with the audience and drive sales while acquiring new customers, “especially if the video is offered in real-time,” according to Charity Lotteries content specialist Barry Pirovano. Indeed, personalized campaigns drive sales when marketers do the following:
DaVinci Resolve is a professional-grade video editor, with intuitive interfaces for editing, color correction, audio mastering and exporting. There’s the usual multi-track timeline for arranging video and audio clips, plus context-sensitive trimming, and a vast collection of filters and effects.
The editor software lets you create your own library of multimedia files with brief or detailed descriptions. This will help you organize your video collection and simplify access to the necessary files.
Consumers crave personalized experiences. University of Texas researchers studied the appeal of personalization and discovered that consumers want more control and the ability to tailor their online media exposure to their preferences and specifications. With all the information and media available everywhere people go, thanks to mobile devices, they scroll through so much content that marketers need to cut through the information overload and deliver personalized messaging to capture consumers’ attention. In short, consumers are in control when they push play, and they want experiences that are completely customized to their unique wants and needs. Marketers are hitting a home run with video marketing, which is quickly emerging as one of the most effective formats for personalization.
Each video is individualized and customized on the fly with the data of your customer. The customer interacts in real time in the video, and can see an order confirmation, a detailed explanation of his bill, receive personalized coupons, discover an individual offer on your website, answer a survey, or access your customer service or sales team in 1 click!

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