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Footage taken from drones, action cameras or other devices on the go often needs improvement. VSDC Stabilization tool, as your virtual tripod, helps remove jitter or any other shaking effects, caused by camera movement and turn it into a much smoother video image.
To prepare a video for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Vimeo without any problems, VSDC Free Video Editor offers you special export profiles which significantly reduce the stress of selecting a suitable format and meeting all the requirements.
Plex Media Server connects your Plex clients with all of your local and online media. The combination of centralized library management, streaming of online content, and transcoding functionality provides…
A 30-day free trial. No credit card required. The trial is designed to deliver access to the video editing software so that you may try it before you decide to buy it. The trial is limited in functionality and does not offer complete file support, features, and third-party effects.
Edit photos, create graphics, draw, paint, and animate, all within a highly customizable workspace environment. Save time by staying on top of complex editing. Being creative is a blast, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still be productive.
The demo versions are not limited in time. You can try them as long as you want. However, Autopano Pro/Giga rendered images have watermarks. You can purchase a license here to have any limitations removed:
Other measures of performance include startup time and simple stability. Again, video editing is a taxing activity for any computer, involving many components. In the past, video editing programs took longer than most other apps to start up, and unexpected shutdowns were unfortunately common, even in top apps from top developers such as Adobe and Apple. In my testing this time around, however, program crashes were few and far between across the board. The stability situation has greatly improved, but the complexity of the process, which increases as more powerful effects are added, means crashes will likely never be fully eliminated.
There an increasing number of 360 video editing options coming to market, Pinnacle continues to a leader in consumer 360 video editing with powerful and precise editing options. Not only for 360 video editing, but Pinnacle Studio is a great choice video editors who want to enjoy the perks as a professional editor at a consumer editor price!
For the amateur video editor, all the functionality that’s available can be a bit overwhelming. But if you’re looking to produce truly professional-quality video — without having to deal with watermarks — Blender is a solid option. The best part: “You are free to use Blender for any purpose, including commercially or for education,” according to its website. For the fine print, check out its licensing info.
When it comes to video editing nobody wants to spend hours mastering nuances of video cutting techniques. All we usually need is to place several pieces together, add some fade-ins and outs, include subtitles…
YouTube Video Editor (PC/Mac) http://youtube.com/editor – YouTube’s very own video editor. It’s very basic and okay to use as a beginner, but I don’t recommend using it for too long because of the lack of features and the fact it’s an online editor.
One word—Resolution. The Ricoh Theta S is only capable capturing 360 video at 1080p, while the GoPro rig can shoot resolutions even higher than 4k. This extra resolution will contribute to a more immersive experience that feels sharper and more realistic.
I bought pro version last week and totally disappointed. The software crashed many times, frozen and jammed. I contact support department and wanted a refund. They recommended me to install 64 bit beta version and decrease video resoution. Results are same. I never recommend VSDC to beginners and pros… Keep in mind…
For the first time ever, NASCAR fans were able to experience the thrills of the Daytona 500 car race from Daytona International Speedway in full 360° virtual reality. VideoStitch Studio was used to post-produce the shots, delivering 4K files to FOX Sports’ Facebook and YouTube VR platforms.

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  1. Added Filled Section Cuts to SketchUp 2018. To access, open Styles > Edit > Modeling and toggle ‘Section Fills’ on or off, and set your desired fill color. When section fills are toggled on, SketchUp will render a fill on top of cleanly modeled sections.
    Work on footage in any format, from 8K to virtual reality to smartphone. The industry’s broadest native media support and powerful proxy workflows make it easy to start editing immediately on any computer — no matter where your footage came from.

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