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Even the simplest of videos can be super shareable with the right subject matter. In this case, that subject matter is animals, which the folks at Android used to focus on shared experiences. By tapping into viewers’ emotions, the video has built-in broad appeal and sharability.
While 360° video technology is still relatively new in the advertising space, it is important for brands with one eye on the future to get involved. Marriott was hailed as a “forward-looking and relevant brand within the travel market” after its 360° advertising campaign was launched. It is essential for any brand that wants to be seen as creative and innovative to appear as such in its advertising, as well as its products.
As this is a developing technology, there are a ton of options available and in development. If you are planning on purchasing a single camera, you should note that only some sites can host your video. Currently YouTube is only compatible with four camera options; Ricoh Theta, Kodak SP360, Giroptic 360cam, and IC Real Tech Allie. With these cameras, you are looking to invest $300 – $500. (Not all are available to the public yet.)
It’s not science, it’s not research, and it doesn’t even make any sense! Do you know what 1.8 million words looks like? It’s the complete works of Shakespeare + the Lord of the Rings trilogy + War and Peace!
Beauty brand Benefit, meanwhile, opts for YouTube when it wants to generate the mass awareness needed to promote a new product. However, quantity doesn’t beat quality. Head of digital marketing for Benefit UK and Ireland, Michelle Stoodley, says the brand attempted to do one video a week on YouTube last year but didn’t quite appreciate the work involved, the time needed and the budgets so now believes less is more.
If you’re familiar with GoPro’s user-generated content, you probably noticed that this isn’t their typical video. GoPro has done a great job of defining their brand as adventurous and extreme — and the vast majority of the user-generated videos they repurpose and put out on their own channels involves stuff like jumping out of airplanes and surfing giant waves.
Successful video publishers are inverting the traditional “top down” approach that was driven by creative directors, and are instead internalizing their data-driven audience insights across wider teams….
5 New Ways to Use Video for Your Business: Most marketers know about testimonials, support videos, and product videos. But there are many use cases beyond the obvious, and new tools create new opportunities all the time. In this article, we walk through five unique ideas for your next video, including webinar promotions, email signatures, content teasers for social, product updates, and one-to-one customer delight videos.
Put your video on several sites, but use an alternate description and title for each. This will allow you to put in the keywords that your target market searches for the most. In addition, don’t forget to put in your business number. If someone has additional questions, they can call you.
360 has obvious implications for online shopping. But, it can be used in any way marketers can apply it to their brand, like this 360 video for the Honda Civic. It’s hard to click away from a video that you are a part of, especially this one.
One word—Resolution. The Ricoh Theta S is only capable of capturing 360 video at 1080p, while the GoPro rig can shoot resolutions even higher than 4k. This extra resolution will contribute to a more immersive experience that feels sharper and more realistic.
Well, let’s take a look at Facebook 360 which is a relatively new feature offering a great deal of potential for brand engagement. It allows brands to create immersive 360 degree video content in which they set the point of view, while users control the perspective with a VR headset or controls in their browser. Take this example promoting the Honda Civic at the 2016 Red Bull Global Rallycross which shows how visceral and immediate 360 marketing can be.
If you are trying to promote holiday destinations, sight-seeing tours or holiday accommodation, using 360 video is perfect. It is a concept people are already familiar with in this context, so a simple panorama camera will work wonders.
If you could travel back in time to when Facebook or Instagram first started grabbing mainstream attention, knowing what you do now about the opportunity they hold for brands, you’d jump aboard, right?
Digital marketing thought leader Neil Patel predicts some intriguing possibilities for the future. Instead of watching a video of the latest heart-stopping action shared by a brand like Red Bull, who is known for pushing the limits of the extreme lifestyle to connect with its target buyers, we’ll be stepping into the experience of skydiving, dirt racing, or snowboards with a VR headset. Patel also suggests VR video being used for eCommerce, allowing consumers to become a part of an environment to engage with a product they are thinking about purchasing. With the biggest tech companies in the world investing billions into the VR race, he may be right on for 2018.
Video marketing strategies can help you promote your business. The key to success with video marketing in Tampa FL is proper research. This article will provide you with helpful video marketing tips you can use to make your business and income flourish.
Snapchat users are currently watching an incredible 10 billion videos per day on the platform, up from 8 billion in February. The sky is the limit for Snapchat and brands are quickly jumping aboard – figuring out what content is driving the most engagement and growth on this platform.
While basic video marketing is still a strong campaign tool, there are some recent developments in the world of video content that you can employ to boost your efforts. For 2018, there are three things to focus on including in your video content strategy:
Another great use for 360 video that may not be readily apparent is in the realm of video conferencing. This makes a lot of sense because it’s something that benefits from live interaction. Microsoft recently combined 360 video and VR technology to create a shockingly lifelike VR teleconference system—likely the new next best thing to being live in a room with your team.
This series by Wieden + Kennedy and Nike Women uses honest humor to shed light on the “inner thoughts” women experience at the gym (though I’m certain there is a male equivalent to these types of situations).
The package does not performing any stitching, so before you can start editing 360 videos, you must convert your 360 video file into equirectangular view. There are several consumer-grade 360 cameras in the market currently.
Edit your video as you want to shows your audience the scenery, action or views that way you saw them as you recorded them. Merge video, trim video, or split videos to tell your story your way. Take your editing even further with the ability to add 360 responsive titles so you can label what your viewer is seeing, guiding them through the action.
Todd Hartley is the founder and CEO of WireBuzz. Before he got started in video marketing, Todd ran digital marketing for 7 of the largest national talk shows. Today, Todd is a respected expert in the digital marketing industry and is frequently invited to speak about video at marketing and technology conferences.
Once your video is exported to a mobile to have your audience jump into the full experience, consider picking up a VR headset. Quality of the headset can range anywhere from purchasing a cardboard VR viewer for a few dollars to investing in a higher end model. You may want to even consider going the extra mile and picking up a headset that that includes an audio plugin to create that surreal virtual reality environment and take your viewer into the scene.
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6 Ways to Promote Your Videos on a Budget: Wouldn’t it be great to have an unlimited budget for marketing spend? We wish! But there are other ways to boost video engagement beyond paid campaigns. Some of these promotion hacks are as simple as placing your videos “above the fold” on high-traffic webpages, linking to videos in your notes to email, and giving your social media videos more exposure with pinned posts.

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  1. Google has recently carried out a side-by-side trial of a 60 second 360 video ad and a standard format video as well as full-length versions. The ads ended in a specific, measurable call to action, were unlisted and unpromoted and only appeared through in-stream campaigns or peer-to-peer sharing.
    Video marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools online right now, and it gets more popular every day. To boost your online campaign with the most effective ROI you can get with a marketing tool, video cannot be ignored.
    Before You Make a Facebook Teaser Video, Consider This: As a marketer, you know how important a strong Facebook presence has become for businesses over the past few years. However, with so many tweaks to their newsfeed algorithm, it can be tricky to decide what types of videos to share there. Here’s what we learned about making teaser videos for Facebook, including what to avoid and how to move forward with an effective strategy.
    As 360 video grows in popularity we see platforms jumping on board to support this immersive experience. Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube all support 360 video playback, users can play the video and move around the scene. IF they are on a mobile device the user can move phone to look around, or if on a computer, they can use their mouse or arrows to navigate.

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