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Spherical videos are frequently in curvilinear perspective with a fisheye effect. The heavy barrel distortion often requires rectilinear correction before applications in detection, tracking or navigation. However, some recent techniques developed navigation capabilities directly based on spherical videos.[21]
It also shows that outstream vertical and square formats are the least intrusive of all mobile ads, driving a 39% enhancement in user experience. Vertical formats achieve 83% higher ad recall than the horizontal format, with square ads achieving 60% better ad recall.
When it comes to 360 degree video, classic film making terms and techniques such as angle, lighting, establishing shot, subject focus, and rack focus are due for a major update. In fact, many more of these terms and techniques need to be broadened or they are at risk of becoming obsolete.
Meanwhile, this example from Google adds an almost game-like aspect to the video content, using perspective and movement to create a kind of puzzle—where is the camera, what is there to see, how can I move it to find out what’s happening in this scene?
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Thanks for sharing such informative post! Indeed videos are a big hit now in the internet marketing scene. I think what makes it all the more better than a simple article or a short blog is that videos relay information in just a matter of seconds or minutes and is entertaining and is something that could be retained in people’s mind. — Site Above Solutions
In marketing, there is a fine balance between what we as marketers think is interesting social media content and what our audience thinks is interesting. The challenging part is separating the two and putting your audience first.
Video offers the opportunity to communicate your brand, showcase your product and connect with your customers in powerful, ways. And with the ability to record HD videos in the palm of your hand, the tools and resources are more accessible than ever.
But it’s not just the lingo that video editors use that needs an update, the scope of video shoots and projects as a whole are primed for a transformation. Technology is rapidly advancing and video demand is pushing forward at an alarming rate. With massive brands like, Disney, Redbull, Johnson & Johnson, Fox and more, generating tremendous value by creating great 360 video campaigns, it’s important to acknowledge that the canvas of creation has changed. That change demands adaptation. There are new factors to anticipate that simply can’t be controlled when creating a 360 degree video.  
PowerDirector (Android): This nifty video editing app for Android is a user-friendly yet powerful editor. Clips can quickly be arranged and trimmed, titles can be added, and you get access to a solid set of transition options.
Unlike most other software suppliers, we don’t need to wait for third party suppliers to contribute their parts. Should there be external changes (e.g. browser changes, Operating system updates etc.), we are able to react with software updates immediately.
When shooting with one of these cameras or rigs, remember that 360-degrees means everything will be in view — every detail of the room, the camera operator, any equipment, etc. Be sure you take that into account when deciding on a location. You will also need to make sure you have suitable and consistent lighting to make sure all of the footage matches.
So you’re asking yourself ‘why would you want to convert my 360 video to standard video.’ There are always instances where you want the viewers to look to the left and not miss the important parts or where a 360 video is feasible, or not how to best showcase your video. As a standard video, you are able to be the director and take your viewer along the visual journey you wanted them to see.
Whichever stage of the customer funnel you are targeting, videos can help. The objectives of educating, entertaining, inspiring or increasing brand awareness can all be achieved through videos. More and more people today educate themselves through product reviews and blog updates before making a purchase decision. Animoto’s research says that 96 percent of consumers find videos helpful when they are making purchase decisions online. Moreover, 58 percent of them consider companies that produce videos to be more trustworthy.
Great post Brian! I’m very excited about video this year and for the future. Looking forward to implementing video into the mix for my clients as much as possible while maintaining quality. I’ve mostly used Facebook native and YouTube so far, but am looking forward to trying out more tools and techniques. I will try the captions too, with so many users watching without sound. Great tip! Have a fun Friday and cheers to all Bufferoos! I’ll be sharing this with my network today. 🙂 @stevehedstrom:disqus @HedstromMedia
If you’re an aspiring video creator who’s wondering how to do 360° video editing, Movavi 360 Video Editor is your best choice. Thanks to an intuitive workflow, anyone can easily create VR videos and 3D tours using our program. Try Movavi 360° Video Editor for free right now and start making breathtaking 360° videos!
At best, you can build a 4way map and timeline for your storyboard. We recommend building a 4 direction timeline storyboard. Essentially, you can build out your story along the compass points. Interactions and actions can occur at any point in time at North, East, South or West and of course you can have those segments crossover to one another.
Think about tying your marketing to a larger mission to cultivate a loyal following. According to research conducted by Scott Magids, Alan Zorfas, and Daniel Leemon, customers who are “fully connected” emotionally to a brand spend twice as much on average than customers categorized as “highly satisfied.” Take advantage of this by committing to emotionally-charged marketing that makes customers feel recognized and important.
It’s important to build out the timeline this way as it will allow you to follow the different potential user paths that your audience will inevitably take and how you can lead them along the journey.

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