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There are no rules about when and where to use Personalized Video. There are only incredible possibilities for this new technology throughout the entire funnel, across inbound and outbound marketing as well as sales and customer success.  Here are some ideas for how Personalized Video can be incorporated into your existing marketing and sales programs:
A neat video by motion artist/filmmaker Quba Michalski in which you’re inside gravity-less chambers and in the middle of a series of experiments (which pop up on a kind of HUD). It looks awesome and is a genuinely cool little experience, with binaural audio as a bonus. In 2D and stereoscopic 3D.
Bottom Line: Corel continues to offer one of the most feature-packed consumer video editing packages around. Support for 360-degree VR content, masking, and time-remapping debut in the latest version.
– Technology for mixed reality TV production that we developed between 1997-2005, used in programmes like BAMZOOKi to allow real-time compositing of virtual content into a studio recording, and resulting in commercial products for keying, camera tracking and virtual overlays for sport.
The bottom line is this: people expect real, genuine communication. Not scripted, generic messages. We learned this about text-based content ages ago. Now it’s time for video marketers to push their limits and use motion picture to make deeper, more thoughtful connections with their audience members.
With this video we continue our 360° video series of one of the most famous cities of Russia — St. Petersburg. Earlier we have published 360° photos and first 360° video of Saint Peresburg, and now we present 360° video of flight above the city at night…
The video editor is intended for editing video files and creating videos of any complexity involving various visual and audio effects. The program offers rich functionality and yet has a simple and intuitive interface, allowing you to create videos with a bare minimum of efforts.
“People are viewing it as the norm,” he says. “You’re always going to have the highly-produced videos, but I definitely think personalized video is going to become a bigger part of the mix. But not just doing it for the sake of doing it as a shiny new object. Creating a blend of overt and more subtle personalization using data in smart ways, that’s where it really shines value to the user as well as the brand.”
This video reminds the customer of the fact their vehicle insurance policy is about to expire, and after running through their current policy details, suggests along with an offer of free fuel, that they renew their policy.
When you’ve just taken some home movies on your phone or another device but they need to be polished or cut together you need video editing software. For those seeking a quick free solution ThunderShare’s Free Video Editor is a great choice. Simple enough for beginners but fairly powerful this is perfect for getting your videos up to scratch.
Reminds me of all the Stupid ads My Windows phone popped up on my mind. The first thing that happened when I opened this up was pop a 30 sec video commercial on mop soap. Not worth the effort to push the unstall button.
Stereoscopic video is for creating immersive virtual reality environments, introducing 3D objects and depth into the video (ex. objects flying around you or reaching out to touch the object approaching you). Stereoscopic video can be viewed using a VR headset. This format is only used by the pros – is not typical for 360 videos hobbyists ($$$).
With the ability to not only work with multiple scenes and transitions, but also to add sprites and text to videos, you can create a professional-quality movie if you’re willing to stick with VSDC’s slightly odd way of working and unusual interface.
The NBA has long been interested in virtual reality and 360 filmmaking, so it’s no surprise that it would decide to take one of the most exciting events on All Star Weekend, the Dunk Contest, and turn it into a 360 video. In this case, you’ll get to see all the dunks of winner Donovan Mitchell. Sit courtside as this mountain of a man charges to the hoop and seemingly defies the laws of physics.
Whatever you set out to do, do it with the same app Hollywood pros use. Start a vlog, go viral on YouTube, or become a go-to videographer. Import footage from any camera or phone, trim clips, add titles, and adjust audio. With intuitive tools and tons of step-by-step tutorials, you’ll be producing great work in no time.
While some marketers assume that personalized video only is appropriate for use with existing customers, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Personalized video gives organizations the opportunity to connect with the audience and drive sales while acquiring new customers, “especially if the video is offered in real-time,” according to Charity Lotteries content specialist Barry Pirovano. Indeed, personalized campaigns drive sales when marketers do the following:
Specialized omnidirectional cameras and rigs have been developed for the purpose of filming 360-degree video (invented in 2013),[9] including camera rigs, GoPro’s Omni and Odyssey (which consist of multiple action cameras installed within a frame), and the All-In-One VR cameras such as Vuze Camera, Nokia OZO, Kandao Obsidian, There have also been handheld dual-lens cameras such as Ricoh Theta S, Samsung Gear 360, Garmin VIRB 360, and the Kogeto Dot 360—a panoramic camera lens accessory developed for the iPhone 4, 4S, and Samsung Galaxy Nexus.[3][10][11]
We combined a text opener with five clips linked by a cross-fade-type transition into a 2.5-minute video shot at 60 frames per second, and rendered the projects to the MPEG-4 format at 720p. We timed rendering at both 60 fps and 30 fps. We adjusted settings to take advantage of hardware acceleration for all tests whenever possible, setting them in either the preferences or the rendering controls for the best speeds. Apple’s iMovie, lone Mac-only app, is not included in the timed comparisons.
Edit, mix and mash videos, audio and images. Quickly import media including YouTube or Vimeo videos, record audio via Clyp.it and mix, mash, combine and edit media. Cut videos, trim them and insert voiceovers, all in the cloud with no software to download.
Working on your next masterpiece? Premiere Pro is the only nonlinear editor that lets you have multiple projects open while simultaneously collaborating on a single project with your team. Plus, you can lock your projects so others can’t change them. Workflows for color, graphics, audio, and immersive 360/VR take you from first edit to final credits faster than ever.
This is an intuitive, feature rich and easy to use video editing platform. Beginners can enjoy easy editing with its drag and drop type timeline and the loads of transitions, effects and speed adjustment features make customization easier. And the end results can be easily posted on social media networks like Flickr, Facebook and YouTube etc.
Making one video is easy. Making thousands requires a lot of time, money and expertise. Sezion helps you automatically create personalized marketing videos to help you improve your marketing strategy, customer engagement and SEO with video.
Leave it to Cirque du Soleil to do something both transfixing and bizarre. They’ve gone ahead and created a full VR experience you can have on Oculus, but if you need just a taste you can turn to this short experience. It’s not going to satisfy you’re, uh, curiosity for Kurios, but isn’t that the point?

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