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Added multi-threading support to the scene creation process – the preview of complex scenes is now smoother on CPU’s with 2 and more cores, and conversion speed can be up to 50-100% higher on CPU’s with 4+ cores;
Enjoy the perfect video editing studio that is Magix Movie Edit Pro 2016 Plus.Packed with more features than the 2015 edition, this editing software allows you to effortlessly create videos and effects, exactly the way you want.New featuresEdit… Find out more
The AirPano team wishes you a happy New Year as well as a lifetime stock of optimism, infinite kindness and new impressions. And from our side we will try to please you with new photo and video tours…
Ever wonder what editing software software Hollywood and independent producers use? The good news is professional video editing programs once exclusively used by major productions studios are now available, at a price, to consumers. These software packages do not come cheap, but do provide an opportunity to produce studio quality content, with a host of third party support. Just be prepared to invest sufficient training time if you want to get the most out of your chosen package. Professional courses are available to help you get the most out of the software.
Want an easy-to-use and feature rich editing tool for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10? You’d better get a commercial video editing application. Wondershare Filmora is such a great video editor for Windows that helps you edit all regular video formats to share with the people worldwide.
Are you ready to modernize your customer service and transform your digital marketing campaigns into relevant, engaging and ROI-driving experiences? Vocalcom Personalized Video Platform provides an end-to-end technology that automatically generate customer-relevant content in real-time.
PowerDirector by CyberLink has topped our rankings of the best video editing software we started reviewing the category. It does so because it strikes the delicate balance of making the program accessible to new and novice users without sacrificing the functionality and tools that hobbyists, prosumers and professionals demand. And the newest version, PowerDirector 16 Ultra, is no exception. It has again earned the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.
Turn your 360 footage from your camera, into 360 video to be proud of! Correct color, add transitions and trim video and more! To get started – let’s check out this great 360 video of one of the 7 wonders of the world – the Grand Canyon. Move around freely and enjoy your surroundings – experience what the video maker is seeing in the moment – that’s the beauty of 360 – it’s like you’re there in the moment with them!
In March 2015, YouTube launched support for publishing and viewing 360-degree videos, with playback on its website and its Android mobile apps. Parent company Google also announced that it would collaborate with camera manufacturers to make it easier for creators to upload 360-degree content recorded with their products to YouTube.[12] However, in 2017, Google and YouTube began to promote an alternative stereoscopic video format known as VR180, which is limited to a 180-degree field of view, but is promoted as being more accessible to produce than 360-degree video, and allowing more depth to be maintained by not subjecting the video to equirectangular projection [8][14]
Wax is a high performance and flexible free video editing software program. It started out as a college project, and has since grown. Wax is good for both home users and professionals. It can be used as a stand-alone application, or as a plug-in to other video editors. The software also features unlimited video and audio tracks with top-down compositing.
Of course, most free software does not include the same level or quality of support that you would expect to find with software that you purchase commercially. While it is true that you get what you pay for, there really are some good free video editing software available out there.
With this video we continue our 360° video series of one of the most famous cities of Russia — St. Petersburg. Earlier we have published 360° photos and two 360° videos of Saint Peresburg, and now we present 360° video of flight above the Church of the Savior on Blood…
Our Interactive Personalized video solutions have driven significant business value for many telecommunications clients including: increasing sales while minimizing acquisition costs, explaining complimentary product offerings and bundles and decreasing customer support expenses associated with bill shock.
Personalised videos are delivered to your customers as per your or their preference – via email, to mobile phones (via SMS, MMS or mobile application) or to any web destination. You will use your own existing system to do this – so you retain control at all times. We can of course, advise you of our best practice recommendations to optimise open rates for your preferred distribution channel.
If heights are really not your thing, then look away now. This queasy-making video takes you hundreds of miles above the ground in a hot air balloon with an intrepid group of rope-swinging adrenaline junkies. Don’t. Look. Down.
Even though these programs make the task much easier, video editing is difficult and time-consuming. As such, there may be times when you need help, especially if you have limited experience. This help can come in the form contacting the software developer by online chat, reading FAQs and knowledgebase articles on its website, or watching free tutorials.
Provide insulation against bill shock: three ways to deliver a more engaging subscriber experience Straight talk on member engagement Improving customer relationships Interactive personalized media: Real-time video for business success
Some neat simple effects. Trimming is made a breeze. Adding text is an absolute nightmare. You can’t go back and edit while viewing it on the screen, so you have to guess at how big and what font you want. It also gives you the option to expand but once you move on it goes back to whatever size it was originally. Text adding needs a lot of work… This program also doesn’t allow editing of certain common mov file types. Slideshow just force closes the entire app.
Because costs vary greatly for a basic animation sequence or something comparable to a TV advertisement with live actors, if you engage us to do the work we will give you a quotation for each new template you require.
ToutApp has their sales people send out personalized video voicemails to introduce themselves to customers. They say it helps showcase their reps’ charisma and energy; characteristics that don’t always shine through during phone call or in an email. One of their reps saw her success rate immediately increase from 3% to 13.3%, making her the most productive rep on the team. 
In winter, nature falls into slumber, but it still reveals all kinds of its beauty. The waterfalls are frozen and the trees bend under the weight of snow; these landscapes seem to have leapt from the pages of a fairytale. The AirPano team wants to show you the Plitvice Lakes just exactly as they are: gorgeous and elegant…
Gain your customers’ attention with content that matters to them. Videos are tailored based on profile, historical and situational data attributes that are personalized to the individual, leveraging your CRM and data.
We evaluated all of the software based on functionality, ease of use, performance, sharing options and new features in the latest versions. We also judged the packages based on real-life uses for a number of categories, including best overall, best free app, best for beginners, best for YouTube maestros, best for Mac users and best for Windows platforms.
360-degree videos, also known as immersive videos[1] or spherical videos,[2] are video recordings where a view in every direction is recorded at the same time, shot using an omnidirectional camera or a collection of cameras. During playback the viewer has control of the viewing direction like a panorama.

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